Im Brent Noll. I draw Cartoons. Drink Coffee and etc.

I am an animation illustrator and designer for television, I have worked on Rick and Morty, And G.I. Jeff (Community NBC) as well as other Starburns related projects

Hey Guys,  You should watch The latest Episode,  ”Something Ricked This Way Comes”    I worked as a color stylist on this episode,  and here are some of the fun characters I got to color.  Top is Rick and Summer when they get all super buff for the DMZ montage.  Now I only did the color keys for this,  I cant take credit for the super cool designs and solid turn around,  They were originally drawn by one of the character designers,  Either Carlos Ortega, Zach Bellissimo or Stephanie Ramirez.  And then of course they would have been scrutinized under the expert eye of our Art Director James Mcdermott and Color Supervisor,  Jason Boesche!  anyways,  what i’m saying is.  a lot of people worked on it,  and its somewhat of a pipeline!

Hey, I was curious how you got your foot in the entertainment industry door? I'm going to school for animation right now and I am trying to figure out the right path to working for something like Cartoon Network. You do some really great work man.

A few people Asked me similar questions so i will do my best to answer them all in one post.


That’s great that you are going to animation school.  Try to learn as much as you can there and get a feel for what production art really looks like.  Solid drawings > all.  most of the industry will really be about the art directors picking you because you have the most solid drawing skills and a portfolio that looks like the show.  on top of that you will have to be a really good self motivated net-worker.  Its all about your networking capabilities with people who have similar skill sets and are in the same line of work as you.  this is not too hard because we are all artists.   There are no open calls for artists.  studios just need you when they need you.  and one day a friend will remember you and remember that you do good work and hopefully recommend you.  That’s how I got in.  Do as much as you can to promote yourself  without being over bearing.  and always be meetings and talking to new people.  and participating in art events.  Its going to be your life.  but it will be worth it.

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"OK, so I want to go into animation, as cartoons are my passion, and I need a little help. How easy was it for you to get to be where you’re at, and do you possibly know of a good college for this that DOESN’T leave me working my way out of student loans for the rest of my life? Thanks! Oh, and I think your ideas for KAF are awesome. If it becomes a show, I’m totally watching it."

It was not easy for me to get where I was.  I did not go through any sort of art or animation program that helped me in any meaningful way.  But that was mostly because of where i was from.  I grew up in Texas where there is no animation industry,  So my only options were fine art based.  I worked really hard during college to study the work of John K.   I tried to learn as much as possible online.  And I got a job at a theme park doing caricatures,  which is what really helped me develop my skills.  I eventually started a small animation company in Austin,  and basically worked in advertising for a few years while i tried to save up enough money to move out to LA.

In December of 2012, i gave away all my possessions and drove across the country with my girlfriend and got an apartment in LA.  I networked really hard and tried to meet as many people as possible while continuing to improve my portfolio.  and eventually one of my new LA friends asked me to come in on Rick and Morty.  from there I continued to learn as much as I could about the animation pipeline.  I really got excited about designing props.  so that’s mainly what i focused on.  Plus being well rounded in animation and being able to use adobe suite really helped. by no means am I well established.  I’ve only been able to hold down some decent studio work for less than a year now.  But I am just starting out really.   I’ve also networked with quite a few people who were able to get me Tests.  Tests are hard and they take about a week to complete.  and they are unpaid.  but it can help you work on other parts of the pipeline and at least get you familiar with things risk free.

Because I’m my specific situation i have a relatively small amount of debt to pay back,  So i am doing better than some of my friends when it comes to financial obligations,  but of course that all comes with having to learn everything yourself.  and being behind in certain technical aspects. 

If you really want to remain debt free I don’t know any colleges out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg,  The whole higher education thing is kind of an institution of debt and is designed that way on purpose.  If you are really good early on though,  you can get scholar ships and work your way through a college.  some of my really talented friends go to LCAD and do that.   There are also places that teach industry skills outside of a university.  Like Concept design acaedmy.,  but a lot of that is mostly for Feature film related art.  I think a good community college with an animation program would be ideal.  I mean if you can really aplly yourself and learn the fundamentals.   some of my friends are really great artists and have no debt what so ever because they took a ot of animation and figure drawing classes at mount sac community college!

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"where did u learn to illustrate? ur work is awesome"

Hi thanks.  I suppose I could attribute a lot of what I know to working in Theme park caricatures.  but most of it was self taught.

These are some more color keys for Episode 108!  I loved working on the gazorpians,  I cant take credit for their color schemes,  that was all planed out by the people before me.  but these guys looked so cool!  I got to color all of those smashed cars from episode 7 which was awesome.  I love vehicles,  and next year I want to be the one designing them.  Also Hampster butt people from Rixty Minutes.  I think the final one was changed a bit to make it feel more 60’s.  which was a good direction for it.

Here is what I’ve been working on recently!  Community is doing a GI joe Episode.  I started on this thing as a prop designer,  (drew all those gun there)  but now im an animator,  Its traditionally animated so its going to be amazing,  cant wait for you guys to see!  i even animated some of the sequences above!

Rick and Morty Backgrounds,  Hey guys,  here are some background I worked on for episode 108!  We were running late on some stuff so I got to help out with these backgrounds for the Rixty Minutes episode.  the bottom two are from the two brothers sequence,  I was a color artists, So i only did the coloring for these.   I had some help from our amazing color lead Jason Boesche, who took the time to show me exactly what the art direction was.  He really helped show me how the lighting would work for the explosion sequence,  which came out really nice!

Rick and Morty Props and Cars!  Hey guys,   now that this episode is out,  I can share some of the stuff I worked on for Rick and Morty.  I was a color Key artist which means I got to color a lot of the props and characters that were featured in the show.  here are two vehicles i worked on from episode 8,  I only did the coloring.  I believe they were originally drawn by our super amazing prop designer Eunji Lee Roess!  The final colors in the episode are not exactly the ones I have here,  they would have been tweaked and corrected by our amazing color lead Jason Boesche

In Case you guys didn’t know,  There is going to be an Animated Episode of Community,  In the G.I. Joe style.  Get pumped,   Also I am working on it.  Current busy drawing so many freaking tanks and guns.  This Lovely character design was made by the concept artist Julia Vickerman,


Life changing news of the day: A “G.I. Jeff” episode of Community is happening

In Case you guys didn’t know,  There is going to be an Animated Episode of Community,  In the G.I. Joe style.  Get pumped,   Also I am working on it.  Current busy drawing so many freaking tanks and guns.  This Lovely character design was made by the concept artist Julia Vickerman,


Life changing news of the day: A “G.I. Jeff” episode of Community is happening

Anonymous asked:
Hi there, I was just wondering hot you do your backgrounds? You posted something last week with scientists and terrorists that looks so nice! Also, I was wondering if it's the same programme that the Ricky and Morty BGs are done it? Thank you :)

The Backgrounds are done in Illustrator and Photoshop.  I use the perspective tool in illustrator,  and block out the walls and stuff,  and add painterly line art detail,  shading, and lighting in photoshop.  This is slightly different than Rick and Morty,  where as they do all the backgrounds entirely in Photoshop.